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What Is Wi-Fi Lock And How To Use Wi-Fi Locks?

Wireless locks are the latest security solution for homes and offices. The main reason to switch from manual to wireless is that it facilitates easy key management. Some people do not keep their keys safe. They tend to forget or keep searching their keys. The wireless electronic locks are safe and comfortable. For example, if you have dismissed a worker, misplaced your keys, then you need to visit the place directly to change the lock settings. A professional Locksmith in Ipswich will be able to assist you with installation and setup.

Advantage of Wireless Locks

The advantage of wireless locks is numerous. It includes portability, accessibility and expandability. If you find a room or situation where you cannot install wires, then you can try to install wireless locks. It is best for historic buildings. You can easily install without much wiring or installation work.

When you use wireless system, you have to just disable the credential of the individual. You do not have to add new keys to the door. It is simple to disable. You can do in your smart phone or laptop. All you need is an internet connection to give access or disable access to an individual.

The wireless technology is changing and there are several improvements in the wireless locks. The locking mechanism is improving and it has helped millions of users to adopt and install wireless door systems. It is well known that not all the doors abide to a wireless lock system. It is suitable only for certain passages and doorways. When you are purchasing wireless locks, ensure to consider the following factors.

Place of Installation

It is not advisable to use wireless locks in areas where it is expensive or difficult to install. It should be suitable for a particular room or situation. It can be installed in the computer rooms, shared spaces like boardrooms and health clubs and office doors to dorms. It is also suitable for drawers and individual cabinets.

Information Access

Check what information the wireless system will give you. It should not only remain easy to add and delete users but also remain helpful for tracking user’s information. It can be used to access denied information, track access granted information, certain advanced tracking cases and check the position of your lock. As the technology develops day by day, the wireless locks will provide more details.

Signal Levels

When you are purchasing new wireless locks, you need to see whether the signal strength is strong. It should not be weak or less. The signal levels help in supporting of the technology.


Remember, the models and brands of wireless locks differ from one to another. All the locks will not have the same features. You need to check the specifications and learn about the features before installing. If you have an internet connection, ensure to read reviews and user’s testimonials to get an idea about the wireless locks. It is best to ask opinions from your relatives or friends who have already installed or are using wireless locks.

Where not to use?

Do not install wireless locks to perimeter and critical doors. Though the technology is advanced and improving rapidly, it is not advisable to use on the critical doors. It is suitable for areas where there is no network interruption or possibilities to change to lockdown mode.

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